Client Disclosure Policy

Thanks to our sector knowledge, network and exposure to multiple projects, we’re able to advise and guide our clients on their strategies and development projects.

As we work hand in hand with our clients’ management and teams, we are often led to access confidential information about strategies, business metrics, organisation, customers, suppliers and, very frequently, problems.

In addition to a strict Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), we maintain the most scrupulous confidentiality about the existance of our assignments, and we strive, to the best of our knowledge to prevent and highlight any risk of conflict of interest.

None of the following information will be disclosed, unless specifically requested and duly authorised by clients, or mandated by regulatory requirement.

Client Names

We do not disclose client names, unless this is specifically requested and authorised as part of the assignment in order to deal with external parties.

Project Scope

We do not disclose the scope of our assignments, unless this is specifically requested and authorizsed as part of the assignment itself in order to deal with external parties.

Conflict of Interest

Where a new or existing assignment might conflict with past or other existing assignments, we will disclose the nature of the conflict, without sharing confidential information, and agree in writing if the assignment can be executed, and under which specific constraints.


We do not disclose remuneration received by clients, unless this is mandated by regulatory requirements, in particular in case of non-cash remuneration (stock, options).

Public Endorsement of Product or Services

We do not accept direct remuneration to endorse publicly a product or service.

If we were requested by clients to review, assess, comment or share publicly our opinion about a product or service, the clients will have to agree to disclose the nature of our relationship. For example, we would have to disclose that a product has been provided for testing free of charge, or that we have been remunerated to perform a site road test.