Good Amadeus report on Corporate Travel Management in EU

Pretty good report (with real data) from Amadeus about Corporate Travel Management in EU.

Interesting highlights and data:

– Developing agreements with hotel companies helped corporations achieve average hotel discounts of 16%, illustrating the importance of having a preferred hotel programme in place.
– the surveyed companies have average of 8000 trips per year.
– average number of preferred hotels: 340.
– on average, 16% of employees account for 80% of T&E spend / 22% of employees account for 80% of all bookings
– Only 5 out of 11 corporations in the sample reconcile invoices with booking information.
– Integrating online booking, expense management and accounting systems is a top priority for Finance departments.
– 7 out of 11 travel managers visited aim to reduce T&E costs by 25%, but most of them do not have a clear strategy on how to do this.
– In most corporations, the relationship between Travel management and the CFO is distant and contact infrequent.
– The total indirect cost per trip when taking into account traveller salaries is around 180 EUR.
– Travel expense handling accounts for 46% of total indirect costs (see chart page 25).

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